On the southern point of the African continent, you will find Cape of Good Hope where the cold Benguela current meets the warmer Agulhas current,(it is not the meeting place of the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans as many lead you to believe, that lies further south in the town of Agulhas). For many sailors hundreds of years ago, this point was one of the most difficult to pass. The route leading to Cape of Good Hope is about one hour’s drive from Cape Town – and it will take you through idyllic seaside fishing villages, and South Africa’s naval base, Simonstown.

Cape Point is a mountain on the southern part of the Cape Peninsula. It is part of a National Park reserve, beautiful nature and a mountain chain that runs 3 miles from the north to the southern tip of the African continent. Here you will find a kiosk, a restaurant, and other small shops. There is a cableway – The Flying Dutchman Funicular – that will take you to a view point overlooking the meeting of these currents over False Bay.

It will take you the whole day to explore this route, pack your camera and enjoy some fish and chips for lunch, from one of the local vendors along the route.